miércoles, 29 de julio de 2009

lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

Today we celebrate friendship´s day

This goes to all my friends, new friends, old friends, cyber friends, future friends.....

Thank you for sharing pieces of you with me.

sábado, 18 de julio de 2009

Meet Laurie Frankel

Visit her web site and enjoy the ride !!! A marvellous photographer that I discovered today, what a lovely surprise for a rainy day ....


sábado, 11 de julio de 2009

I feel like a bird in a cage !!!

Due to this terrible flu that we are suffering here, we have to stay at home, trying not to go to crowdy places and washing our hands every time we can !!!

School, cinemas and theatres are closed and there are few places where we can go with my three children.

And this cold weather doesn´t allow us too much time being outside !!!

Let´s hope it will be over soon !!!!

viernes, 3 de julio de 2009

More from Anna´s house

Absolutely beautiful house

These are photos from Anna Spiro´s house in Brisbane. She is an australian interior designer with an incredible taste for mixing colors.

Visit her blog, absolutelybeautifulthings.blogspot.com to know more about her and about her

store Black + Spiro.

Enjoy !!!!