jueves, 6 de agosto de 2009

About my work

When I decided to start working as a children and family photographer I had to make a real change and try to go more professional.
First, I bought an amazing camera with a glass that really took my work to another level.
I took courses on Digital Photography and Photoshop as I was a traditional black and white film girl only a couple of years ago.
I felt in love with digital and now I am a total computer freak !!!!
I discovered Tara Whitney and Jinky Art through the web and they are until now my two main inspirations in my photography business everyday. One lives in USA and another in Australia.
Another thing I invested in was in developing my trademark. I met Vero, from Burbuja de Papel, and she designed a funny and colourful stationary I am in love with. Everybody says something nice about it when they receive it.
And then, I invested in putting some ads in two local magazines.
And that was just the begining !!!!!
And believe me, I enjoyed each step it took to be where I wanted to be: a working mother that can work in the computer while I hear my 3 kids laughing and giggling near me.

2 comentarios:

Vero Pasman dijo...

que lindo se ve asi...a mi tambien cada vez que lo veo me sigue gustando!!
que buena onda tu dia del niño!!

Isabel Magnasco dijo...

A mi también me sigue gustando
y a los clientes parece que tambien !!!

un beso