martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

New books for my 16 hours flight to SF !!!

Next friday night I am flying to Washington and then we have almost six hours more to San Francisco. We are going to stay at Xime´s house, my childhood friend, who lives at Menlo Park.
I am so anxious to be there. I want to see where she lives, meet her boyfriend, hung out with her.
She is a graphic designer, photographer and also a blogger !!!!

4 comentarios:

Xime dijo...

I can't wait to see you! Hurry up! My home will be ready for you and Pablo. Besos, Xime

Isabel dijo...

Ya llego...falta poco....
No veo la hora.
Vamos a sacar fotos???

Vero Pasman - Burbuja de Papel dijo...

que envidiaaaaaaaaaa
si es que existe...

Anónimo dijo...

Xime ojala puedan disfrutar y pasarla re bien,seguro que si.Te mando un beso enorme para vos y tu boyfriend!!!!!! Marisiña/Mondino/o
ahora NANA.Te quiero mucho y cuidense.